Monday, November 8, 2010

The United States Needs a Short Work Program Now!

A short work program will fill up the employment rolls and take a huge financial monkey off the backs of families and the government. It's a win win policy!

What's a Short Work Program?

A short work program is aimed at keeping employees working and on the payroll. What happens is this: The work hours of an employee are cut back, depending on the needs of the company. Employers reduce their employees work hours and pay from 20 to 40 percent. Then, states make up the lost wages, usually from up to half. These funds come from state unemployment funds. Employers get to keep their skilled workers and employees keep their jobs and benefits.

The United States does have a work sharing program; however, it is not used much. Germany's economy is coming back from the recession and the short work program is a primary reason.

Bad Economy Means Big Changes are Coming

What big changes? The average American worker is going to find himself in a totally different work environment. Giant Corporations and small businesses are adopting an entirelynew work paradigm. In short, this means shorter working hours for the employee. Additionally, the average worker is going to find himself in so called temporary and or part time work.

Why the shift to short working hours, temporary and part-time work? The government has learned that a short work program or work sharing is the best way to fight unemployment and bone up the economy. You will be seeing a combination of state and federal initiatives aimed at strengthening and promoting work sharing and short work programs.

Win with Short Work

It's time to wrap your mind around the new work place reality of short work. This can mean going after a part-time job. Maybe several part time jobs. You think? Can you handle it? Maybe it's time to think outside of the box! Don't be "old school" and looking for that dream job that just never is happening. You need income coming in.

Get your job and then continue to prepare for that career job. You need to be thinking about part-time work and temporary work. Register at acoupleaggressive "temp work" agencies. You may find something there. All is not lost. Part-time and temp work can lead to a full-time career job. Your focus must be on getting a job and income. Regardless of how small or temporary.

What's that? You say a part-time temporary jobwon't cover your bills or your monthlyoutgo. No kidding. Of course itwon't. Then, when you have the momentum going on that one job, go out and get another temp or part-time job.

Are You Hard Core?

Guys and gals that that are going to survive and thrive in the 21st century are going to be Hard Core. What does Hard Core mean? It means having the smarts and courage to do what you have to do in order keepyour family above water. Just read the tea leaves. You don't need a Chinese fortune cookie to tell you what you have to do. Make that major paradigm shift...it's short work, work sharing, part-time and temp work that is going tosave the day. None of thisis going to be fun, but it will beat sleepingunder thebridge. Or having to go and live with your parents.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Where Is the Middle Class?

Where is the middle class in America? The middle class in America is in deep trouble. Many experts say that the middle class is disappearing. The problem for the middle class began in the 1970's and it hasn't stopped. Initially the big problem was stagflation,no rise in income. Then the perfect economic storm occurred and we had the great recession. Now the middle class is facing the mother ofall horrors, unemployment and no job prospects.

So Where Is the Middle Class Going?

The middle class is going straight to the early 1940's. No kidding. Unless some very clever moves are made by our leaders in this country that will crank up and ignite the seemingly suffocating economic engine in America, the American middle class is headed backwards. There you have it. It will be back to old times again...the rich and poor.

Remember what those old times were? Probably not. Most of you are too young for that. Here's a quick snapshot. Life was simple alright. From a city dwellers perspective, most people got around via public transportation, buses, street cars,ells and trains. Of course we were a lot healthier then, because there was a lot of walking going on too.

Forget about housing. Most people rented apartments. Only the rich, well to do, and lucky people had houses to call their very own. Nobody had credit like we do now days. There was no FHA minimum down payments. The VA loan was not born yet.

Guess What Happened?

If you guessed what happened was the end ofWorld War II, you are correct. Then what? Here's what:

* The G.I. Bill. Suddenly, college was available to a whole bunch of people because the Government was underwriting a big chunk of the expense for attending college.

*Housing Industry. The housing industry exploded because the VA loan with a no down payment provision became very common place. New communities were coming out of theground like wild flowers.

*American Economy began growing.

The job market became alive and well. People began making money and opportunities were becoming plentiful. Factories that were focused on making munitions during WWII were now producing consumer goods. Yes, and consumers were buying stuff right and left.

*Unions were growing. Guys and gals were getting good paying jobs and unions were getting bigger and stronger benefit packages for the working class. Corporations didn't mindgoing along for the ride because they were all making money.

*Credit Cards for everyone. No kidding. Slowly and steadily people began getting the opportunity to buy things and pay latter with their credit cards. This seemed like a novel concept at the time. Shortly thereafter, buying on credit actually became a common place reality.

Where Are We At Now?

Where are we at now is a perplexing question. The economic forecasters have different opinions on this question. I know one thing for sure. If I could create jobs tomorrow for everybody in the United States I would be the next elected President or King of America.

Right now, nobody that has a dog in this fightcould care less about politics, religion, or income distribution. Really, what most people, that are engaged in the work place, want and need one thing. That is, a sense of financial opportunity and security would be good for starters.

Economists are not very encouraging. Why should they be? For one thing, they don't have a sense of urgency that people in the workingarena possess. Granted there are exceptions, but they are unusual. I suppose that is the nature ofacademics.

ThisIs Going tof Be a Run of Your Life

Americans are facing a daunting challenge in this 21st Century. This challenge is being confronted by most all Americans. College students, peoplein the work force, and retirees. The current situation, no doubt, is awesome in its complexity and challenge.

The most constructive thing you can do for yourself is accept the fact that things are going to be quite challenging for a long duration of time. The oldrules of surviving and getting ahead can be thrown out the window. If you are in the workforce, think about getting more education. If at all possible, get that advanced degree. Do your best to improve your understanding and ability to get along with all types of people. This may sound simple and silly, but it is not. More people get fired because they aren't getting along with their fellow employees.

Globalization is here to stay. Accept it and embrace it. This means Getting as much technical expertise as possible. You can be in the trades or running a corporate division; regardless, the more technical skills you possess, the more strength you will surround yourself with.

Work on being a "Uniter" not a divider. You can get attention when you are a divider; however, money talks and BS walks. In business, the money people go with those folks that present positive action and unity. This means you need dynamic people skills. The great news is, if you are unique and enterprising with people skills, you will find yourself being sought after and highly valued in almost any business endeavor. Most significantly, you probably will end up a leader for the middle class, not a follower.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Make Change When Nothing Is Going Right

Making change when nothing is going right is easier than it sounds. The secret to making positive change inyour life is to simply change the little voices in your head, your self-talk.

When you world is crashing down on you and nothing is going right,cut yourself some slack,take ten, and know that you got a secret weapon that's going to kick butt. Your dynamic killer bee weapon that's going to save you from your veil of tears is in your head. You have it already. It's just a question of, "Are you ready to use it?" The solution to your problems and the key to turning your life around, big time, is to change your self-talk. You know what I mean?" "I can't do this and I can't do that. Little me is going to get squashed."

You Can't Find the Right Job

This belief business has everything to do with your job hunting. If you are having a rough go of it, the stuff you are carrying around in your head may be the culprit. Just stop and think about it. There are a finite number of jobs in the market place. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough jobsfor everybody. So, what are you going to do? Starve? Of course not. What you can do is get real, grab the bull by the horn, and make some serious adjustments. Like immediately!

What kind of adjustments? We are talking about attitude changes. You very well may need to change your entire perspective on when and what kind of work you want and are willing to do. Here's a news flash for you. This could be the turning point, for the better, for you.

Believe It and It Is True

Maxwell Maltz who introduced the concept of Psycho-Cybernetics,Psycho Cybernetics 2000, stated that if you believe something is true, even if it is not true, it will be true for you. Belief isthe key. In fact belief has the same effect that an hypnotist has on someone. Once a person is hynotized, just about anything the hypnotist says, the subject will believe is true. That is a fact.

So what's the point here? The object lesson is that what you see is what you get. If you believe it, it's real andtrue for you. What does this have to do with living a successful life? Theanswer tothat question issimple. Change your beliefs so that they are aligned positively with your goals and aspirations.

How Do You Change Beliefs

First, decide what do you want to change? Most likely, you want to get rid of your negative unproductive beliefs about yourself. Things like, "I am not up to the job." or "I am not goodenough." "He or she is better looking than me. I don't have a chance." None of this negative self-talk is going to help you or put any money in your pocket.

Maltz advises people to use their imagination in a disciplined and positive manner. In another words, visualize or imagine what you want. Let's say you are shooting for a sales manager's position with a big strong corporation. Pretend you are watching a movies. You are the acting Star. See yourself winning over the interviewer with your knowledge and personality. Feel the positive excitement of knowing you are going to be hired.

Going through thisjob rehearsal once in your mind is not enough. You have to do it two to three times a day. Be sure and add as much emotion and realism to "your movie." Just keep doing it and doing it. Believe me, eventually, this strategy will pay off for you. I know this because I havelived and experienced this phenomenon of positive visualization.

How Will This Help Me Get a Job

Stop and think for a moment. You nowexactly how changing your beliefs will help you get a job.
First off, by changing the opinion of yourself, hopefully giving yourself more credit than you have been, your opportunities for employment will open up considerably. Why? Because you have a heck of a lot more to offer the world than you have been giving yourself credit for.

You may wish to retrain and or go back to school. Maybe you have been in the trades and find yourself considering going into the health field. That's right. Nurses are in big demand. Maybe, just maybe, you would make oneheck of a nurse. Don't laugh. Nurses make very good money and they are in big demand.

Self-Talk is Your Guide

The secret to make change when nothing isgoing right is to change your self-talk. In another words, when you feel yourself getting down on life simply stop everything. Go to the movie in your mind and watch with positive disciplined direction how you are succeeding in your chosen endeavor.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What America are We Talking About?

What America are we talking about?Hi, I am Carlos Boliver-martial artist, doer ofgooddeeds,and ardent foe of the "culture warriors." Yeah, that's me. Carlos Boliver,world class sucker for a noblecause. I am guiltyof being gullible. Why? Because I believe people are inherently good. At least most of them. You just have to give people a chance. The big problems, that I see coming over the horizon, both upsets and excites me. The nature of these problems are upsetting and the size of these problems are challenging.

Social-Economic Structure of the United States

I see two distinct problems which have to do with the social-economic structure of the United States. The number one problem is economic...jobs,jobs,jobs. And is it ever! This job problem for America is surpassing everybody's expectations, and then some. Like, the middle class isdisappearingbefore our very eyes.

The reason for this unimaginable malady is that the economy has been driven by a strong consumer demand. Right now nobody seems to be buying stuff. At least they aren't buying things strong enough to make a dent in product demand. The scary part is, there doesn't seem to be any end of this problem. Where are the jobs going to come from? Economists estimate that the economy needs a minimum of 100,000 jobs a month just to keep pace with new people entering the job market, high school and college graduates.

The second biggest problem coming over the horizon concerns the direction the United States of America. The predominance of polls taken in recent months indicate the United States is a little right of the political center. The accuracy of these polls are always suspect. Why? Primarily because the people that are contacted and cooperate with these surveys often are not representative of the populace in America. In another words, the demographics that make up these surveys favor older white affluent Americans. This spells the big C, conservative and independent Americans.

We hear the incessant drumbeat from Fox News, the Republican mouthpiece, of how Americans want to turn back the clock. Get back to the old days. Throw in a dash of Tea Party people and sit down with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Hell bells Mary Lou, lets shrink that Government and all of that Obama Care.

The problem with the above scenario is it's not true or accurate. Most people in the United States have their hands full with making a living and taking care of their families. The last thought on their minds is whether or not the government is too big or small. The conservative voice, as Fox News depicts it, wants to run on free enterprise and family values. I have no idea what these people are talking about. What values? They sure aren't my values. Free enterprise?That depends on whose free enterprise you are talkingabout. We got into this economic nightmare because some very slick, smart and totally selfish bigshots screwed the pooch. Many of these solid citizens made fortunes off the tax payers backs.

Here is What Your Future Looks Like

The demographics of theUnited States are verydynamic. Regardless, change, like big change is coming around the bend. Probably, as life wouldhave it, the changes will be both good and bad. If the momentum continues in favor of "throwing the political establishment out the window," we could see a different ruling class in Washington by 2012. Certainly it would be more conservative. Your guess is good as mine whether the Republicans or Democrats will be calling the shots.

Bad News for the Good Old Boys

It is going to be a case of who has demographics on their side in the United States. In a few decades from now, we are going to be looking at a different country in terms of demographics. Census Bureau estimates indicate by mid-21st century the majority population in the United States will not be white.

Money talks and BS walks, no question about it. This means there will still be a powerful conservative voice in America for a long time. However, the conservatives and the fringe Tea Party people won't have the political thrust that they seem to enjoy now.

Another super big social-economic bomb is big international business. Specifically, the United States is not accustomed to playing second fiddle to anyone. I say "Amen and hallelujah" to that brothers and sisters. "Let's get some and kick butt." One sector of the U.S. economy that appears to offer growth and hope is the Export business and the international market. President Obama knows this. Look at his efforts to steer the U.S. into aggressive trading overseas. Most significantly, focus on what the big boys at Ford Motors are doing with the international markets. Guesswhere they are making their profits these days? Globalization isn't going away. In fact, it's just getting started.

It's Hard to Let Go of the Old Ways

No question about it. It's tough to make change. Especially the big time changes that are coming in this country. But, change will be made. What America are we talking about? We are talking about the America of the 21st Century. She is a very proud nation. Believe me, whenshe wants to be, she is tough. No question about it, she is a survivor. America willliterally be changing her skin. No pun intended. By the 2050's "whites" will be a minority. Hey Fox, don't lose your swagger!

Oh, and guess what? Hey Lady GAGA, I love you. Gutsy little lady went to Maine and pitched for the Gays. Yeah, Senator Barry Goldwater was right about "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Remember, he said he didn't care if a soldier was straight as long as he could shoot straight.

No, I'm not gay. I just don't like to see humanbeings treated like second class people for any reason. You know what I mean? Women's rights, people of color, and sexual orientation are subjects that deserve the courtesy, respect and human rights of all Americans in this great Democracy.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Trends in America

New trends in America are coming down the pike. The question is will these new developments help or hindercitizens of the United States?

New trends in America are causing tremendous conflict and discord among its people. I am referring to the daunting social-economic happenings that are slowly appearing over the horizon. Three primary sectors appear to be potentially very troublesome: Economy, where are the jobs?Cultural conflicts, What happened to"live and let live?" Terrorism, can we get a handle on it?

Economy and Jobs

The economy of the United States is coming out of a black hole. President Obama appears to be trying his best. He is supporting heavy promotion of exports, manufacturingandjob creation. Last week he proposed a huge initiative in infrastructure development in the United States.

What I don't understand, is this talk about tax breaks for the rich. Bush's tax program is running out. If tax breaks for the rich would help, why hasn't helped up to now?

Currently, the name of the game is financial survival. This means forget about your pride and work history. Take any job that you can get. this is a downtime,which means it's time to downscale. Maybe you need to think "incrementally." I am suggesting by this that you may need to get two or three jobs-a few hours here and few hours there, whatever it takes. Do what no one else wants to do. Work night shifts and swing shifts. Take and doanything.

Don't give up on your dreams and aspirations. This means start or continue schooling. Upgrade your skills. Improve your communications talents. People tend to gravitate towards people who have are good at expressing themselves. Maybe taking a public speaking course is just the magic you need to break out of your rut.

Please don't wait until you have exhausted your last dollar before you decide to do something. For your sake and your family's don't place your self in a vulnerable position with absolutely no money reserve to fall back on. If you do, believe me, you will experience a terriblepressure on yourself.

Cultural Conflictsin the United States

Politics is a terrible tough business. You can take two perfectly nice people and turn the subject towards politics and look out! Before you know it, they will be going after each other with tooth and nail. Just throw in this volatile mix some ego and ambition. Then you have a living breathing holy war on your hands. In just a couple more months will have the general election for someimportant elected offices in this country. It will be very interesting to see what happens.

Ok, I will throw my hat in with the young people of thiscountry. Why? Because they are tomorrow's future reality. They are not blindsides by the burdens and prejudices of the past. Additionally, they haven't been around long enough to accumulate mind numbing special interests that totally block reason and logic.

Yes, Iendorse the "live and let live" model. It cracks me up when I hear all these so called stand up right citizens who "love" individual freedom turn right around and start screaming how we shouldthink, pray and love.

Winning Against Terrorismin the United States

Howto fightterrorism isa very complex issue. No question about it, the act ofterrorism has noplace in a civilizedworld. The radical sects that are promoting terrorism should be destroyed. America has been at it now for nine years.

We are having a difficult timegetting a handle on it. Fortunately, there have been no terrorist's acts since September 11, 2001 in the United States. Don't hold your breath on this one. 24 hour eternal vigilance is a basic price to pay for national security.

What is extremely aggravating is the current battle activity in Afghanistan. There simply are not enough troops on the ground to make "head way." What really pours salt intothis wound is we can't seem to get the United Nations to coughup more troops towards thiswar effort.

It scares me to think what iscoming down the pike. We screwed ourselves right intothe ground when we basically pulled back our efforts inAfghanistan in order totake out Saddam Hussein.This, I believe, was a historical travesty that has hurt us terribly in our efforts to eliminate terrorism. Since when does it make sense to eliminate the leader of countries we don't like? What country on earth has the manpower and resources to practically do such a thing?

Your Future Wold in America

Your future world in America has the potential for great change and greatness. Nothing really worth having comes very easy. Keep on the lookout for dramatic changes in the way Big Business in this country does "business." This will give you a hint on the way you can begin prepping yourself for economic survival. Take a look at the Automobile industry. Look at Ford Motors specifically. They are showing genuine leadership in theinternational markets.

You can't let this uncertainty and upheaval in America's social-economic structure cause you to loose your focus, making a living and providing for yourfamily. Let all of that outside chatter be what it is...just background noise and static. think and act likethethoroughbred race horses we all see at the Kentucky Derby every year. Stay focused, look straight ahead, and keep those blinders on.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exciting New Trends in America Automotive

Ford Motor Company is leading the Big Three automobile pack in overseas expansion. According to Jim Ostroff,Kiplinger Letter,June 24, 2010, "Ford Looks to Boost Sales Abroad," Ford isplanning to invest $3.5 billion abroad in China, India, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa over the next five years.

Thinking Worldwide

Ford's sales in these foreign markets represent approximately 54%of its annual sales of$120 billion. Ford, according to Ostroff, hopes to boost it overseas sales by the end of this decade to 60% of its totalsales.

Additionally, hold on to your hat, Ford has earmarked $500 million more dollars for building new plants in China and India.

In China, according to Ostrroff, approximately 14 million cars will be sold this year. And, by the year 2020, approximately 25 million new cars and trucks are anticipated to be sold annually in China. It's estimated that Ford's current market share in China,1.9%, will double by 2020.

India has the close eye of Ford. Last February, Ford opened a new production plant which is building their new model for this market, the Figo. Apparently, Ostroff indicates, no auto company has a firm hold on this burgeoning market. Ford aspires to gain momentum big time in the India market.

Overseas Business is Good

Ford indicates that it expects to do some awesome business in the Asian-Pacific and Africa markets in the next 10 years. Ford anticipates that 70% of its growth will come from these two markets alone.

Ford is also feeling very strong about the Argentina and Brazil. The automaker plans on investing$450 million inthese two countries. Since last year Ford has already invested $2.4 million in Brazil hopefully to increase its output there by 20%.

American Businesses are Coming Back

Ford is just one example of being a strong trend setter in the battle to survive in today's tough economic climate. If you can't make it in the States, you go elsewhere. Ford offers everybody an example of what has to be done in order to survive and win. That's right, survival is good, but the American way means winning!

For most of us solid citizens, making it in this tough economy requires thinking out of the box. Sorry to say, it also means leavingbehind a lot of the old ways of doing things. It isn't easy to just start thinking and acting differently in order to be competitive in this rough economic climate. It takes lots of guts, focus, and self-discipline.

I can personally vouch for a reference that very well may inspire and get you going in the direction of positive growth and achievement. MaxwellMaltz has written some great advice on how to improve your position in life.

You Do Whatever It Takes

You do whatever it takes to survive and win means different things to different people. My own personal experience is probably a good example for some insight into turning things around for yourself and your family.

A few years ago, I became totally burned out with my sales job and life. Subsequently, I soon became financially challenged. So what did I do? I had a wife and a son in college. I did the unthinkable from my perspective. I took a job doing manual labor on the graveyard shift, working in the sanitation department of a hospital. I did this for five years. Believe me, I was grateful to that hospital for giving me the opportunity. Fortunately, I worked lots of overtime, meaning I made pretty good money. At least I met my basic obligations. The point being, "You do whatever it takes."

Furthermore, I embarked on achange in lifestyle that saved my marriage and probably my life.
At age 57, I enrolled in a martial art curriculum, Tae Kwon Do. I stuck with this program for eight years. The end result of this personal transformation was a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

How did Tae Kwon Do help me? It gave me a sense of self-worth, focus and self-control. My wife toldme it made a new personout ofme. I began to afford her a greater degree of respect. You automatically get into this respect business when you are in any traditional martialartsprogram. The gentleman that runs this school is named Master Lee. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a Master of his art and very gifted when it comes to understanding people.

I have gone on to become a professional freelance writer. During the last few years, I have incurred cancer and several surgeries. Because ofmy martialarts training, I have stayed intop physical condition.I don't let anything slowme down.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Middle Class Gets It Together?

When the Middle Class gets it together in the United States, there will be a lot of very happy people. The question so many people are asking these days is how do we get the economy going? More importantly, how do we get jobs? Surviving financiallyis thenumber onepriority formost people.

The country needs real leadership, both on the Federal and State level. And most significantly, leadershipis neededon theindividual and family level. Hey Boss, that means me and you.

What Kind of Leadership?

Common sense tells us we need the kind of leadership that gives us jobs, money to live on, and a future to look forward to. Where are all of these "infrastructure" jobs that Obama was going to create? Has the money been allocated and approved by Congress? This should get a bunch of peopleworking. Our highways,byways and bridges are literally crumbling before are vary eyes.

What about manufacturing jobs? President Obama's Export Initiative hopefully will give the working man, small business, and the economy a shot in the arm. Obama's goal for his Export Initiative is to doubleexports in five years.

Change Your Perspective

It's time to change your perspective. It doesn't take a genius to know that our economy and our way of life is changing drastically. This scares the heck out of a lotof people. Most people dislike change. And, when you have the fundamentals ofany economy changing, well you have a bunch of people in a world of hurt. And, that's no laughing matter.

So what else is knew? Here's what is new: Globalization is here to stay. We have to learn to live with both the good and bad. Most importantly, we, that is me and you, need to focus on making living in this new arena. So how do we do that?

It is time to change your perspective. By this I mean that the old way of doing things are gone. We need toembraceglobalization. I mention globalization in this light, because quite a few of us are familiar withjob loss andglobalization. We need to look at globalization as an ally in our efforts of providing us with a livelihood and a way of supporting our families.

So What's the New Way of Working?

New employers are coming to the American economy. They are coming in different sizes and shapes. There will be more and more work opportunities that will be presented by foreign employers. An example is the battery manufacturing industry located in Michigan. L.G. Chem, a Korean lithium ion battery manufacturer is building a plant in Holland, Michigan. Its subsidiary, Compact Power Inc, will be running the operation. Interestingly, CPI received $151 million grant last year as part of the stimulos package. CPI has contracts to supply batteries for both GM and Hyundai. In brief, new jobs are coming to the United States. The new employers will be more and more, from foreign countries. Get used to it.

Thisis not a new phenomenon. The auto industry, asian manufacturers, have been bringing in jobs for Americans for years. In the Midwest and Southeast you have Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. My fellow Americans, it's a brave new world out there, we better get with the program. The happiness and welfare of our families are depending on our willingness and ability to adopt.

People that make their living in the trades will need to keep sharp. Specifically, this means getting an edge on your competition. This may mean goingback to school. You will need absolute skill and proficiency in computers, math, and blueprint reading. Job seekers who are most adept at these technical skills will get the jobs.

Do You Want to be a Star?

How ambitious are you? Can you muster the self-discipline and drive to accomplish and achieve? If your answer is yes, then please, lend me your attention: Robert Reich states that symbolic analysts are and will get the jobs that pay the most money. Most importantly, these are the kinds ofjobs that will be in demand for years to come.

Reich points out in his blog that the symbolic analyst does the work that is most in demand regarding the global economy. You have two kinds of symbolic analysts: national and global.
The national symbolic analyst represent a large group of workers living in the middle class. These are the accountants, engineers, lawyers, journalists and other college educated specialists.

A national symbolic analyst, according to Reich, gets paid well, but the type of work that he does, will be subject to some outsourcing in the future. The global symbolic analyst, on the other hand, makes very good money and he doesn't have to worry about being outsourced. These guys are doing work of CEO's, CFO's and othertop dogs with multi-national corporations. The global symbolic analysts are tied into the network of globalization. These are the guys and gals that are making the super big salaries.

The Bottom Half

Yes the middleclass is shrinking. The United States isheading for a top and bottom economic separation. The so called "middle" is disappearing. No body is oldenough to remember the early 1940's before World War II ended. It was mostly a few rich people and the rest were poor or poorer. Not many peopleowned automobiles or houses. At least in thebig population centers like Chicago and New York. Well, we are currently headed in that direction again. Maybe not to that extent, but our general glide path is very sobering.

Give it Your Best Shot

This is no timeto feel weak or intimidated. You gotta make yourself feel strong with lots of "attitude." Education and lots of it will helpyou nail down a decent job. Nobody is entitled anymore. If you are going to make it you will probably be working several jobs, developing several source ofincomes. Why? Because pay scales and salaries are heading downwards. There is more supply, job seekers, then supply, jobs. Think out of the box. There is temp work, contract work, and don't forget working for Uncle Sam.(He is paying better then most.Oh yeah, don't forget the military. Its salaries and job growth opportunities are strong. Most importantly, if you got the drive and brains, think about becoming a symbolic analyst. This isreally where the money and action resides.

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