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WithLatinobazaar Enterprises' Top Level Wedding DJ Service(for every other event type too) you will receive the most professional anddependable DeeJay / Emcee / Karaoke service at the most reasonable price! TopLevel DJ Service will provide the experience and dependability you expect,along with the professionalism you deserve from a DeeJay / Emcee.

LatinobazaarEnterprises wedding DeeJay and Emcee service looks at weddings as three events,thus planning carefully for each. First event of the wedding is the weddingceremony. For the ceremony Latinobazaar Enterprises setup a sound system at theceremony location. Also, microphones are available for the person conductingthe ceremony as well as for the bride and groom/bride and bride/groom andgroom. With the ability to "MIC" everyone it is possible to havebackground music during the ceremony. Speaking of music, the music starts 30 to45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the ceremony.

Thesecond wedding event is the wedding reception which start immediately aftereveryone exits the ceremony area. At the wedding reception's meet and greet orcocktail hour there will be a sound system setup so guests may enjoy musicwhile the bridal party members are taking photos. In many cases the meet andgreet/cocktail hour are not in the same room/area as the second part of thewedding reception.

Oncethe photo session is complete the Emcee will have the guests enter the mainreception room/area. This is where the second part of the wedding receptionwill take place. Once guests are seated, I will start the grand entrance of thebridal party into the reception room/area by announcing each person of thebridal party. Throughout the wedding reception I will maintain a high level ofenergy in the room by creating various activities (these activities are decidedupon during the planning stages) to do during this part of the reception. Once all of the activities of the wedding reception arecompleted, we transition to the third part of the wedding, the wedding party.

Duringthe wedding party the DeeJay converts the wedding reception room/area to aparty location using lighting and music.

Foryour wedding event you will receive an experienced, entertaining, appropriatelydressed and personal DeeJay who will Emcee and control the flow of your wedding(as mentioned above) while, playing all your favorite music from our limitless collection! Top Level DJ Services will workclosely with you to develop a customized detailed music entertainment plannerfor wedding that will contain everything that will take place at your wedding,meanwhile always offering free emcee duties, free face to face consultations,and free all access to a huge extensive category of music which includes allgenres! At your wedding event (if you desire) I will take request from yourguests. Requested songs are vetted to ensure they are wedding friendly and noton the no play list.

TopLevel DJ Services having performed at hundreds of weddings wants to make yourwedding a success. Latinobazaar Enterprises also provides DeeJay and Emcee forevents such as Sweet 16, School Functions, School Dances, Grand Openings, LGBTEvent, Middle Eastern, Bolly and/or Nollywood, Quinceaneras, corporate parties,Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, a small social gathering, unlisted parties,or a street party with 500 people. Let Latinobazaar Enterprises' Top Level DJ Service will bring the party to you.

LatinobazaarEnterprises Top Level DJ Service uses high quality sound reinforcement gearscalable to accommodate up to 1,000 people. And with over 100 LED and Laserlights, the lighting system will light up your party.

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