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Chicora is a Columbia, South Carolina public, non-profit heritage preservation organization founded in 1983. Our work includes archaeological and historical research throughout the Southeastern United States, public education (primarily right here in South Carolina), and work in conservation and preservation with museums, libraries, archives, historic organizations, and private citizens. With years of experience and hundreds of projects, we are a leader in preservation efforts.

Our website is constantly growing and by the end of 2017 had nearly 400 pdf documents available for downloading -- representing nearly 2.5GB of data available to the public. That's what makes Chicora unique among heritage preservation organizations nationwide! 



11/2018Chicora is investigating the colonial Warner Hall Cemetery in Gloucester, Virginia
10/2018Investigations at Mullet Hall on Johns Island, Charleston County, SC have been completed. Work there included the recovery of in-floor storage pits associated with enslaved colonial African Americans
10/2018Chicora has explored African American life on the Lower Cape Fear in a recent Research Contribution




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