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Panix, the oldest commercial Internet provider in New York, is dedicated to providing stable and reliable Internet access, email, netnews and UNIX computing services to the public. We started in 1989, before the Internet even went commercial, and we're still going strong.

Today we're a full service provider, offering V-Colo virtual private servers (VPS), mailboxes and other email services, assorted domain services, web hosting, real and virtual colocation, Internet access (T3s, T1s, and national dialup), and web programming and network consulting services.We also specialize in Unix shell access, from anywhere on the Internet, anywhere in the world.

Panix has dropped the price of a V-Colo Mini from $15 to $10 per month!

Panix has lowered the cost of addon resouces for V-Colos!See V-Colo Addons for details.

Panix has increased the RAM, transfers and disk space allotment for all V-Colos!See V-Colo Plans for details.

Panix is now offering SSL service for hosted websites with free certificates from Letsencrypt.These certificates haveno installation fees, and like all of our SSL addons, no monthly charges.More information is here.

Additional features at our account management and configuration site. Use it to configure or check the status of your account, charge your credit card, order new services, or reach our support desk. While you're there please update your contact information.

General Information

Panix has always taken an active role in protecting free speech and privacy on theInternet, and in improving Internetsecurity.
Full List of Panix Services
Everything we offer, on one page for easy access.
Domain Services
Internet access and presence, sized for business of all sizes and people with their own domains.
Shell Accounts
Internet access, Web pages, UNIX shell accounts.
Panix V-Colo VPS
Panix VPS run under Xen; frequent new features
Phone Numbers
Voice and fax lines; Dialup and ISDN connections in the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii.
Panix Help System
How to keep your Panix service running smoothly.
Panix Rules
We try to keep our regulations to a minimum. Here they are.
System Status Messages (MOTDs)
Messages and announcements about the system

Online Options

Sign Up with Panix!
How to subscribe to our services.
Configure and manage your Panix account
Change your password, update your credit card or your contact information, view your current bill, etc.
Log in to webmail
All accounts have webmail access.Don'tforget to use your full email address.
Log in to Panix shell servers
Use the MindTerm applet to log into a shell host.

Contacting Panix

World Wide Web:
(this page)
Voice: +1 (212) 741-4400
Fax: +1 (212) 741-5311
Dialup: See Panix Phone Numbers

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